Friday, November 14, 2003

The Elegant Universe:
PBS has made available online all episodes on Nova on the Elegant Universe. Check them out here. It's nice to know that information is free and out there for everyone to enjoy.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

OpenSSH or lsh?

With the recent exploits in both OpenSSH and lsh it's hard to judge which one's the more secure SSH implementation. Here's the lsh exploit and here's the OpenSSH one.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Gentoo Humor

Someone posted this note about Gentoo on /:

Gentoo Linux is an interesting new distribution with some great features. Unfortunately, it has attracted a large number of clueless wannabes who absolutely MUST advocate Gentoo at every opportunity. Let's look at the language of these zealots, and find out what it really means...

Gentoo makes me so much more productive.
Although I can't use the box at the moment because it's compiling something, as it will be for the next five days, it gives me more time to check out the latest USE flags and potentially unstable optimisation settings.

Gentoo is more in the spirit of open source!
Apart from Hello World in Pascal at school, I've never written a single program in my life or contributed to an open source project, yet staring at endless streams of GCC output whizzing by somehow helps me contribute to international freedom.

I use Gentoo because it's more like the BSDs.
Last month I tried to install FreeBSD on a well-supported machine, but the text-based installer scared me off. I've never used a BSD, but the guys on Slashdot say that it's l33t though, so surely I must be for using Gentoo.

Heh, my system is soooo much faster after installing Gentoo.
I've spent hours recompiling Fetchmail, X-Chat, gEdit and thousands of other programs which spend 99% of their time waiting for user input. Even though only the kernel and glibc make a significant difference with optimisations, and RPMs and .debs can be rebuilt with a handful of commands, my box MUST be faster. It's nothing to do with the fact that I've disabled all startup services and I'm running BlackBox instead of GNOME or KDE. Gentoo Linux workstation... overclocked AMD eMachines box from PC World, and apart from the third-grade made-to-break components and dodgy fan...

You Red Hat guys must get sick of dependency hell..."
I'm too stupid to understand that circular dependencies can be resolved by specifying BOTH .rpms together on the command line, and that problems hardly ever occur if one uses proper Red Hat packages instead of mixing SuSE, Mandrake and Joe's Linux packages together (which the system wasn't designed for).

All the other distros are soooo out of date.
Constantly upgrading to the latest bleeding-edge untested software makes me more productive. Never mind the extensive testing and patching that Debian and Red Hat perform on their packages; I've just emerged the latest GNOME beta snapshot and compiled with -09 -fomit-instructions, and it only crashes once every few hours.

Let's face it, Gentoo is the future.
OK, so no serious business is going to even consider Gentoo in the near future, and even with proper support and QA in place, it'll still eat up far too much of a company's valuable time. But this guy I met on #animepr0n is now using it, so it must be growing!

Monday, May 12, 2003


The StringTokenizer is a weird class. It only tokenizes Strings on a character or a set of characters, each of which individually forms the token delimiter. It doesn't actually tokenize based on a complete String. Using it in that manner can cause a lot of bugs!