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Gentoo Humor

Someone posted this note about Gentoo on /: Gentoo Linux is an interesting new distribution with some great features. Unfortunately, it has attracted a large number of clueless wannabes who absolutely MUST advocate Gentoo at every opportunity. Let's look at the language of these zealots, and find out what it really means... Gentoo makes me so much more productive. Although I can't use the box at the moment because it's compiling something, as it will be for the next five days, it gives me more time to check out the latest USE flags and potentially unstable optimisation settings. Gentoo is more in the spirit of open source! Apart from Hello World in Pascal at school, I've never written a single program in my life or contributed to an open source project, yet staring at endless streams of GCC output whizzing by somehow helps me contribute to international freedom. I use Gentoo because it's more like the BSDs. Last month I tried to install FreeBSD on a well-sup