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Google Maps, Heatmaps and Earthquakes

The US Geological Survey makes available a small dataset containing the M1+ earthquakes from around the world in the past 7 days . I used this data along with the heatmap visualization layer offered by the Google Maps API to present the earthquake data as a heatmap. Check out Worldwide M1+ Earthquakes, Past 7 Days . One caveat: due to cross origin issues, I am hosting a local copy of the data rather than getting it live from the USGS.

Fun With Google Maps

Ever wondered what's on the opposite side of the world for any place? Then check out the Opposite Of The World . It's a "Hello World" exploration of the Google Maps JavaScript API that I wrote for fun. You can scroll and zoom through either map on the page and the other map will show you the opposite side of the world. It's quite basic now but I'm going to add markers and other overlays to make it more fun. PS: You might be surprised to know that Malaysia, is on the opposite side of Ecuador!