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HTML5Test: Safari on iPhone OS 4 Scores 134/160

Safari on the iPhone OS 4.0 does much better than most browsers on the HTML5Test with a net score of 134/160. Here’s the breakup of the test results with the failures: Doctype – 4/4 Canvas – 12/12 Video – 25/30 Ogg Theora codec support - No Audio – 22/24 Ogg Vorbis codec support - No Geolocation 5/5 Storage – 8/8 Offline Web Application – 11/11 Workers – 0/6 Web Workers - No Section elements – 7/7 Grouping content elements – 2/2 Text-level semantic elements – 4/5 time element - No Forms – 22/27 autocomplete input attribute – No keygen element – No output element – No progress element – No meter element - No User Interaction – 12/19 hidden attribute – No Undo manager - No

Safari on iPhone OS 4.0 Supports WebSocket

Safari on iPhone OS 4.0 (build 8A230m) supports WebSocket. Here’s the output from the WebSocket test : Yes, the browser still reports OS 3_1_2 even though the OS is really 4.0. The AppleWebKit version is newer than the iPad. I was able to run a WebSocket test against Kaazing’s WebSocket Gateway .

James Gosling Quits Oracle

James Gosling, the creator of Java has quit Oracle as of April 2nd this year. While his blog entry didn’t give any specific reasons, it is not a surprise by any means. Sun and Oracle have very different corporate cultures – one focused on employees and the other focused on the business. It was always going to be hard for Oracle to retain someone as free spirited as Gosling. I’m pretty sure he’ll be joining the rest of the Java gurus at Google. If that doesn’t go well, IBM perhaps. I hope he doesn’t even think about joining Neal Gafter.