Saturday, July 7, 2007

VOIP Services

Mashable has an interesting article on seven disruptive VOIP services:

  1. GrandCentral - Unified phone number; recently acquired by Google
  2. Jangl - Anonymizing phone numbers
  3. Jaxtr
  4. RingCentral - Virtual PBX and toll-free number for small businesses
  5. Jajah - Flexible, anonymous VOIP
  6. Nimbuzz - SMS and VOIP on cell phones
  7. txtDrop - Free SMS

Of these services, I am looking forward to using GrandCentral once Google opens it up. I see some use for Jangl at times. Nimbuzz doesn't quite work as advertised on my Sony Ericsson T616 while txtDrop seems to have just dropped the SMS. I haven't used any of the others.

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Banter Apps said...

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Arun K Viswanathan said...

This list is quite old and many of the services listed are not applicable anymore.