Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scour Brings Social Searching

ScourScour is a search engine that brings social searching to the web. It is a metasearch engine that organizes and returns results from the three main search engines - Google, Yahoo and MSN Live. Results can be filtered by search engine and rank within each search engine is displayed. In this respect it's little different from other metasearch engines. The social aspect comes in from the ability to vote on the results (a simple positive or negative vote) and also post comments on each and every search result. In order to encourage this social contribution, registered users are awarded 1 point for each search, 1 point for each vote and 1 point for each comment (with daily limits to discourage abuse). Every 6,500 Scour points translate into a $25 Visa gift card. In addition, points are available for referrals.

In order to encourage use of Scour, an IE toolbar and Firefox Search Engine addon are available. A full demo of Scour is here.

Give Scour a shot.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Google is also experimenting with voting and comments on search results.

Anonymous said...

I have created a Firefox user style to clean up the Scour UI a bit. You need the Stylish extension to install the user style.

Anonymous said...

I have updated the user style to reflect the updated UI of Scour.