Saturday, February 28, 2009

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer was something that skipped my radar for a while since it’s a Microsoft product that I assumed was specific to Windows Live blogs. After a recent recommendation by Lifehacker, I learned that it supports multiple blogging platforms including Blogger and Wordpress. Adding support to an existing blog is a straightforward process – simply give Windows Live Writer the URL of your blog and it auto-discovers the blogging platform in use and prompts for your blog account information.

Once setup, it’s a breeze to use. It provides a full featured WYSIWYG editor for your blog that has support for uploading images, a built-in spell checker  and tagging support. It even applies your blog’s themes for previews. Being a standalone Windows application, it allows offline editing of your blogs.

Here’s a screenshot of Windows Live Writer in action in the construction of this very post:

Windows Live Writer

Definitely makes blogging a breeze. Expect more posts with this tool in a blogger’s arsenal.

2 comments: software said...

Does this also work on handheld devices like mobile phones or palm etc ?

Windows Programmers

Anonymous said...

Not as far as I know; it's meant for the desktop.