Saturday, April 4, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 2 Available

The iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2 was made available on Apple Developer Connection earlier this week (March 31st 2009). The new version is build 7A259g. The usual backup-flash-restore-sync cycle worked without a hitch but I do wish Apple would save the arrangement of apps – the sync puts them back in alphabetical order. Here are my notes from some quick testing:

  • Beta 2 is definitely much more responsive. Apps load quickly unlike the sluggish beta 1. Typing is much faster. The copy rectangle is more responsive.
  • YouTube is still broken (restored from backup).
  • Skype works (on 3G) without a hitch. For some reason beta 1 had trouble on my phone.
  • Some apps like Appigo’s ToDo had issues with text not being visible (white text on white background) – that’s fixed as well.
  • The GPS errors (blue dot not showing location correctly) seem to have gone as well.

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