Friday, April 16, 2010

Safari on iPhone OS 4.0 Supports WebSocket

Safari on iPhone OS 4.0 (build 8A230m) supports WebSocket. Here’s the output from the WebSocket test:

Safari on OS 4.0 supports WebSocket

Yes, the browser still reports OS 3_1_2 even though the OS is really 4.0. The AppleWebKit version is newer than the iPad.

iPhone OS 4.0

I was able to run a WebSocket test against Kaazing’s WebSocket Gateway.


Pedro said...

I think this post violates the NDA of 4.0 Beta

Mike said...

just upgraded to ios4 and it says that websockets are not supported

Anonymous said...

Me too. I upgraded to iOS 4 and it does NOT support WebSockets.

Anonymous said...

Yes, with the release version of iOS 4.0, Apple seems to have disabled WebSocket support.