Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HTML5 Demos – HTML5 Community Night

Some really cool demos were presented at the HTML5 Community Night event at Microsoft on April 26th 2011. Here are a smattering of the links to the demos.


Cross-platform multi-player games built using HTML5. Supports browsers as well as iPhone and Android.


PowWow: A HTML5-based multiplayer game showing off WebSockets and WebGL.

Vision Explorer

VisionExplorer – 3D exploration of the National Museum of China. Built with JavaScript.


Classic Pac-Man extended to a multi-grid Pac-Man. Built again with JavaScript.

SVG Girl

SVG Girl: a Japanese anime “video” implemented completely in SVG!


IE9’s Grid System in CSS.

There were many other demos but these were the URLs that I managed to snag during the presentation. Will update my post if I find links to the other demos.

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