Monday, January 9, 2012

Windows 7 on VirtualBox: Random Freeze

Running a Windows 7 guest via VirtualBox on OSX Lion, I noticed that the guest VM would periodically freeze up. The freezes occurred once every few minutes and would unfreeze within half a minute. It was quite annoying and after many months of back-and-forth on the VirtualBox forum, it seems like there is a solution. The solution is to use the Chipset PIIX3 (instead of ICH9) in the virtual machine's motherboard settings


Anonymous said...

Dankeschön! Endlich habe ich diesen entscheidenden Hinweis gefunden!

Nachdem ich vom Chipset »ICH9« auf »PIIX3« gewechselt habe sind diese furchtbar störenden "Hänger" endlich weg!

Grüße aus Linz/Donau,
Måx (Rudolf Füreder)

Unknown said...

Bitte Schön. Glad to be of help,